A Christian Journey

Freely You Have Received

“Freely without pay you have received, freely without charge give.” Matthew 10:8b  Amplified

In todays verse Jesus continues to give His disciples instructions before they go out to help others. He tells them to cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, and drive out demons and then adds, don’t take money for it.  Being human some might be tempted to do that, or those who were cured, raised, cleansed and released might insist they receive something for what they did.  Jesus tells them though, that they received their power freely, nothing they did earned it, therefore they shouldn’t charge or be paid for doing it.

The ministers today have gotten so far away from this original admonition by Jesus. Later in this chapter we’ll see that He does not say they shouldn’t receive support, such as food and housing, else how would they live. The Lord is talking about anything above that. Mother Theresa is a good example of someone who helped others, but had nothing else except a place to live and food to eat. We have to keep our carnal self in check when we start accumulating things that move beyond that.

So how does this apply to us? As believers we receive abilities as well, and we must always keep a humble heart knowing that whatever we can do or say doesn’t come from us, but is a gift from God.


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