A Christian Journey

For Your Sake

“And for your sake I am glad that I was not there; it will help you to believe, to trust and rely on Me. However, let us go to him.”  John 11:15  Amplified

We’re looking again in the book of John at the events surrounding Lazarus death. We learned previously that Jesus loved him and his two sisters, Mary and Martha, yet he waited two more days after hearing that Lazarus was sick before going to him. Now, Jesus explains why. Our verse today says that it’s to help us believe and trust Him.

One of my favorite Southern Gospel songs is by Karen Peck, it’s called Four Days Late. As you would guess it’s based on the story we’re looking at today. The point of the song and the story is for us to keep the faith no matter how long we have to wait, four days, four months, or four years. We trust that God knows what’s going on in our life and is working out all the details. We seem to often get blinders on when we’re in trying circumstances such as this one, the sickness or death of a loved one, but God sees clearly. Though it was a great disappointment to those who saw Lazarus die, they were about to witness a miracle.

Remaining faithful to God is difficult, but helpful to us, so that we grow stronger which causes less pain and anxiety. Many people think that when they do things for God it goes on some heavenly checklist, but doing things to please God helps us, there is no checklist. When we trust God day by day and see Him take care of us and our needs, that strengthens our faith. Though it does please God for us to draw closer to Him and work for Him, it’s more about strengthening us than a requirement of His.

Keep the faith and help yourself.


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