A Christian Journey

God Is Talking To You

“Be careful therefore how you listen. For to him who has spiritual knowledge will more be given, and from him who does not have spiritual knowledge, even what he thinks, guesses, and supposes that he has will be taken away.”  Luke 8:18  Amplified

It’s often said that most people hear but don’t listen. I would compare that to having a radio or tv on while doing something else, you hear the noise coming from the tv or radio, but you’re more focused on the task your doing so you don’t really listen to what is being said on the tv or radio. That’s fine when you’re alone and working on something to have that background noise, but when we’re listening to another person talk, especially if that other Person is the Lord, we need to make sure we hear what they have to say.

Our verse today says that when it comes to the Lord speaking it’s very important to listen because you’ll receive more of the good things God has to for us. I believe the spiritual knowledge the verse is referring to is the knowledge of salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice for us. Unbelievers are those who don’t have spiritual knowledge. Now if you talk to someone who isn’t saved they will likely try to convince you that they have read the Bible and know what it says. This verse says that even the little they think they know, if they’re not saved, will diminish more and more.

Our listening should also be to help us grow and mature as Christians. Paul tells us in the new testament that we aren’t supposed to stay babies in the Lord, but grow up and be used by Him to reach others. So when you hear the Word preached, clear your mind and be careful to listen. God is talking to you.


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