A Christian Journey

The Exchange

“For what can a man give as an exchange, a compensation, a ransom, in return for his blessed life in the eternal kingdom of God?” Mark 8:37 Amplified

We’re studying how to be like Jesus. In our verse today He tells us how we make exchanges in life. In verse 35 He says if we want to save our higher, spiritual life we must lose our lower natural life, for what does it profit us to gain and do everything here on earth if it costs us our eternal soul?

Jesus was the most unselfish person to ever live. He thought nothing of Himself, His needs, His cares, He gave it all for us. As Christians we’re called to do the same thing, the word Christian means Christ-like. Our natural man fights us so terribly on this though, and the world we live in today encourages self centeredness. At times we’re in a constant battle between doing what is not selfish and doing what is self-centered. People push us to make split second decisions in response to their treatment of us or others. In those moments we’re exchanging our eternal blessed life with God for what matters here on earth. So what can we exchange to get it back? We have nothing, but the blood of Jesus. Praise God He is our ransom and He has paid the price!


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