A Christian Journey

What’s Your Soil Like

“And those upon the rock are the people who, when they hear the Word, receive and welcome it with joy; but these have no root. They believe for a while, and in time of trial and temptation fall away, withdraw, and stand aloof.”   Luke 8:13  Amplified

We are looking at the four types of people who Jesus is describing that hear the Word of God and what they do with it.

Our second group are those upon the rock. Jesus is often referred to in scripture as the Rock, the firm foundation. In the verse above however it’s not referring to Jesus, but the type of soil or heart the person has. A seed can’t take root and grow in rocky ground, it’s too hard and dry. Thus when these people hear the Word of God they are anxious to hear it, but they don’t clear their mind of all the other things in their life or they let those others things come in and kill the seed.  The people Jesus is talking about are those we see come to church for a while, but then soon go back to doing whatever else there is to do on Sunday. They fall way, withdraw and stand aloof.

Jesus calls us to be committed to Him and put Him first. People on the rock want the benefits Jesus can give, but don’t want to maintain the relationship. If we compare it to a marriage and the husband only came around for what he could get, but didn’t stay for the hard part it wouldn’t be much of a marriage.

If you tend to be an occasional visitor to church, but don’t get involved you’re probably a rock. If you’ve been saved and love the Lord, seek to go deeper with Him, study His Word and get involved, you’ll be better for it.


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