A Christian Journey

God’s Got Your Back

“We are assured and know that, God being a partner in our labor, all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good to and for those who love God and are called according to His design and purpose.”  Romans 8:28 Amplified

I don’t usually write anything too personal in my blog, however recent events have been quite interesting and I felt led to share my insight into it. Almost three weeks ago I encountered an insignificant problem on my body, thinking little of it I continued on in my usual daily routines. This problem over time, however, became worse and blossomed into an event that would take over my life, for a brief time. That’s what’s so ironic about it, in the rear view mirror of my life, it will be written off as two weeks lost to an inconvenience. No major disaster, thankfully, no horrendous diagnosis, praise God, just a comma in normal life. I’m almost completely on the other side of this and in hindsight have to wonder why it happened to begin with. The medical professionals told me it was really nothing I did wrong, it just happens sometimes. So why did this happen? For that matter sometimes we wonder why many things happen in our life, especially when it comes from nothing WE did.

In our Sunday morning ladies Bible study we looked at the verse for today. I love this verse and when I don’t understand why something happens I am comforted by it. This verse tells me that I don’t have to understand or know why anything happens because God knows, and that’s all that matters. He’s going to work together everything in my life for the ULTIMATE good and what HIS will is, IF I trust Him. Not everything is about me, though, this may be something that someone else needs and God is using me. Remember, even though something may not be good right now it will produce good if we trust God with it. We only make matters worse when we try to handle it ourselves or fret over it. As believers we’re called by God, we love God and we should want to be used by God. So I can be assured and know, God’s got my back, He’s got yours too, just trust Him.


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