A Christian Journey

Attitude is Everything

“And He said, What comes out of a man (person) is what makes a man (person) unclean and renders him unhallowed (unholy).”  Mark 7:20   Amplified

In our verse today Jesus is repeating to the disciples what He had just told the Pharisees. His followers were having a hard time understanding what He was saying, though. The confusion appears to arise from the fact that He told them what they eat doesn’t make them unclean or unacceptable. Traditional Jewish law had told them what they could and couldn’t eat and now Jesus is telling them it doesn’t matter. He was trying to drive home to them the point that what we do and say comes from our heart, not what we eat or drink. The heart, which is our mind, our conscience, the point from which all we do comes from, is what is evil or good. Jesus goes on to list all the things that people do to others and against God.

In our society today we tend to look at the things that people do and credit their background or ethnicity for their actions. Jesus clearly says here that actions come from the heart and the way a person thinks. No matter what restrictions you try to put on people, if they want to do wrong, they’re going to do wrong.

When you’re making a decision about acting or reacting to a situation, take a moment and check you heart, your attitude, as to why you are leaning toward one course of action versus another. Our compass should always be the Lord, seek His guidance and ask Him to help you with the decisions in your life.


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