A Christian Journey

Is It Time

“Whereupon Jesus said to them, My time has not come yet; but any time is suitable for you and your opportunity is ready any time.” John 7:6  Amplified

Jesus was growing in popularity and in our verse today His brothers are urging Him to go to the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles to show Himself to everyone. Bear in mind the Jewish people had been longing for the conquering Messiah to come for a long time, some who saw what Jesus was doing thought it was Him.

Jesus tells His brothers, in our verse today, that it was not His time to come out publicly at a big event. Our human nature wants to be famous, even those who are shy and don’t like the limelight, would probably like at least some attention. Most of the time attention brings favor and we all like that. One of the reasons some people even act badly is for the attention thinking some attention is better than no attention.

As believers we have to be extra careful with that because the word tells us that pride goes before the fall. If you get to puffed up in yourself you’ll likely start making some poor decisions. When you’re seeking to please God and do what’s pleasing to Him, He will lead you where you need to go. Don’t let others push you into something you don’t feel led to do. Wait on God to tell you when your time is right, He will never lead you astray.


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