A Christian Journey

Wisdom Vindicated

“Yet wisdom is vindicated, shown to be true and divine, by all her children, by their life, character, and deeds.” Luke 7:35  Amplified

Jesus is speaking to the crowds about John the Baptist, and about Himself. He asks them, what did they come out into the desert to see?

That’s a deep question we each must ask ourselves whether we’re believers are not. If we’re believers self-examination is a regular course you should participate in. Sunday is a good day for this, but we must routinely ask ourselves why we say, do and think the way we do. Of course for believers our guiding compass is God’s Word. It’s about your attitude.

Interestingly, in the scriptures before our verse today it says that the people, even the tax collectors acknowledged the justice of God in calling them to repentance. See the self examination there? Yet it goes on to say the Pharisees rejected God’s purpose concerning themselves. Jesus told them they were like little children sitting in the marketplace calling to one another saying, we did this and we did that. See any self examination there?

Our verse today shows us that wisdom, understanding of what is best, is shown by a person’s life and how they live it. How’s yours?


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