A Christian Journey

A Blessing From Jesus

“And blessed, happy with life joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, and to be envied is he who takes no offense in Me and who is not hurt, resentful, annoyed, repelled, or made to stumble whatever may occur.” Luke 7:23   Amplified

I had to share this verse today, it isn’t so much about how to be like Jesus as it is Him telling us a blessing we can receive.

As a little back story John the Baptist is in prison and has asked his disciples to go and inquire of Jesus if He is the Messiah. Two things jump out at me from this, one is that even the great people of the Bible sometimes doubted and two, it’s okay to question. When Jesus sends His reply back He doesn’t fuss at John for asking He tells the messengers to go and tell John all they have seen Jesus do. Then He adds our verse today, the blessing, but let’s unpack that a little more.

The blessing is for those who take no offense in Him, these would be people who refuse to believe Jesus is the Messiah, they will not humble themselves and admit they are a sinner. The blessing is also for those who are not hurt, resentful, annoyed, repelled, or made to stumble whatever may occur in life. Are you easily offended, get your feelings hurt, get annoyed, or stumble? If we’ve given ourselves to the Lord we give up our rights to any of those feelings and emotions. Even though we may still sometimes feel those emotions we don’t need to led them rule our life.

If we remain faithful, trusting the Lord that all things will work together for good, Romans 8:28, “whatever may occur”, we’ll be blessed. Now don’t fall into the world’s idea of blessing thinking that it’s material possessions. John was in prison and would soon die for his faith, he certainly wasn’t going to be a wealthy man. One reason I like the Amplified Bible so much is it explains the words in the scriptures in more detail. Our verse today says that the blessing is “life joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation”. There are people all over the world who have all the money anyone could want and need, yet have no peace and joy.

So if you sometimes question or doubt, or let life situations affect you, now you can chase those away with your blessing from Jesus. Choose to be blessed.


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