A Christian Journey

Dull And Callous

“For they failed to consider or understand the teaching and meaning of the miracle of the loaves; in fact, their hearts had grown callous, had become dull and had lost the power of understanding.” Mark 6:52  Amplified

Can you imagine being with Jesus every day? You would think if you were with Him that you would be a mighty man or woman for God. Walking with our Lord, hearing Him speak, and seeing Him perform all the miracles He did, we would just be floating five feet off the ground. Well the disciples were with Him every day, yet our verse today says their hearts became dull and callous. How could that be?

Let’s first remember that we know Jesus post resurrection, when the disciples walked with Him they could see that He was different from others they had known, but that’s all. Even when we consider His miracles, Moses and Elijah had performed miracles too, but they weren’t the Messiah. So maybe we can understand how they could so easily become dull and callous. Think about this, when we listen to our pastor preach on Sunday morning, even when we listen intently, an hour later we may not be able to tell anyone what he preached on. Our carnal minds aren’t really interested in spiritual things and in our world today we are constantly being bombarded with worldly thoughts. The disciples back then didn’t have exactly the same culture to deal with, at least not electronically, but temptation has been the same since the dawn of time, it just wears a different outfit now.

Our verse today reminds us that we must always be diligent to hide God’s word in our heart and be intent on feeding our spiritual minds. If we don’t, we will become dull, callous, and lose the power of understanding spiritual things. Then we’ll just be like the rest of the blind sheep in the world who follow after whatever is popular at the moment. There’s not much joy and peace in that.


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