A Christian Journey

I Will Be With You Always

“But Jesus said to them, It is I, be not afraid! I AM, stop being frightened!” John 6:20  Amplified

In our verse today Jesus had been teaching a large crowd, but then withdrew to be alone. The disciples have set out in a boat on the sea, possibly thinking that Jesus was ahead of them. A storm comes up and they begin to struggle, but then they see Jesus walking on the sea approaching the boat. At first they’re afraid, not recognizing it was Him. He calls out to them and the scripture says, “then they were quite willing and glad for Him to come into the boat” for the boat arrives quickly at the land.

We have great faith when things are going great, but let a stormy circumstance rise up and we begin to waver, me included. Why does our faith weaken? Because things have become out of our control, like a stormy sea.  As believers though we have Jesus with us all the time so we must tell ourselves that and listen for His voice saying, “I AM, stop being frightened!”

The key to weathering the storms of life is to always remember He said, I will not leave you or forsake you, I will be with you always.


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