A Christian Journey

What Do You Have

“And taking the five loaves and two fish, He looked up to heaven and praising God, gave thanks and broke the loaves and kept on giving them to the disciples to set before the people; and He also divided the two fish among them all.” Mark 6:41  Amplified

Jesus was an optimist. Okay some people may not like me saying that, but He was. Others might say, of course He was an optimist, He was God! Let’s remember that He was fully God AND fully man. For us as believers we live in a fleshly body, but have God’s Spirit living in us and working through us. We ARE capable of being just as optimistic as Jesus was.

In our verse today, Jesus has been preaching to a large crowd, estimated at 5,000 men, which doesn’t include women and children, so there could have been as many as ten or fifteen thousand people there. The disciples have come to Jesus and suggested He take a break so that the people can go to the nearby towns to get something to eat. What does Jesus say? You feed them. Can you imagine the disciples response to His statement. I’m sure they first reacted with their jaws open and then pointed their finger at themselves saying, me? So then they think rationally, which is totally understandable, they ask Him if He wants them to go buy the food for the crowd. He says, what do you have right now? They checked around and gathered up five loaves and two fish, we have to assume from their food stash, but possibly they collected it from the crowd. Jesus tells everyone to sit down in groups, He lifts up His eyes to heaven and thanks God for the food, then He starts giving it out and everyone is fed.

We can look at that story as a miracle of Jesus multiplying the food to give everyone there enough to eat. We can apply that story to today as well though. I fully believe if you feel the Lord is leading you to give to someone He will multiply your giving to meet your need as well. A lot of people hesitate to give because they are concerned their budget will fall short, only if they know in advance that they have that extra will they give. I believe from this story Jesus is telling us differently, He’s telling us that if there is a need you should meet it. Give thanks to God for meeting that need, believe that He will, and He will take care of the outcome – yours and theirs.

The end of the story says, “And they all ate and were satisfied.” Mark 6:42.


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