A Christian Journey

“No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, possessions, or whatever is trusted in).   Matthew 6:24  Amplified

I’ve heard it said that Jesus owned no land, no house, and had no titles, yet He was the King of Kings. If we’re to be like Him He’s telling us in our verse today that we’re not to make this world and what it has to offer our goal.

If you continue reading the rest of the sixth chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells us how to have a wonderful life. When He speaks of the birds and lilies of the field, He’s not telling you that you shouldn’t work or have clothes, but He is telling you that God will take care of you. He goes on to remind us that worry does no one any good. I’ve heard a good comparison for worry, it’s like sitting in a rocking chair, your moving, but you’re not going anywhere and if you keep it up for too long you’ll wear yourself out. When you find yourself going over and over an issue or situation in your mind, you are worrying, STOP!  Your heavenly Father knows what’s going on so seek Him, do what you know to do that’s pleasing to Him, and He’ll take care of the situation. Our problem is that we don’t know the answer and that’s what gets to us, we HAVE to know. When really what we MUST do is to trust that He knows what’s best and will see us through it.

Ask God to give you self-control so that you can realize when you’re getting into fretting and worrying. Ask Him to help you turn it over to Him and He will. You may have to do over and over, but like any other routine or exercise, it gets easier the more you do it.

Jesus wants us to have peace, follow His example and instructions and you will.


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