A Christian Journey

Not Welcomed

“Then He said, Solemnly I say to you, no prophet is acceptable and welcome in his own town.” Luke 4:24 Amplified

Do you ever feel like the people you want to reach the most are the ones you can’t seem to reach? Jesus knew how that felt. In our verse today Jesus has just begun His earthly ministry and He starts at home in Nazareth. He goes in the synagogue and reads from Isaiah verses describing the Messiah, He tells them the scripture has been fulfilled in their hearing. Then He proceeds to tell them our verse for today, that prophets are sent where they are needed which isn’t always their own home town. This made the people mad and they drove Him out-of-town, but He passed through the midst and went on His way.

When my son was growing up I can remember telling him some bit of information about something he was doing and he didn’t listen. Yet someone else would tell him the same thing and he suddenly had an epiphany. That’s what I got from our verse today about Jesus going to His home folks.

Often we can’t reach our own people because we’re not supposed to, they won’t listen to us anyway, but we can pray for them that someone else will speak to them about eternity and they’ll listen. We must not fret or worry over them, but go on our way speaking to others around us that we’ve been sent to.


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