A Christian Journey

3 Keys To Victory

“Then the devil departed from Him, and behold, angels came and ministered to Him.”  Matthew 4:11 Amplified

We previously looked at Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tested, tempted and tried by the devil. Let’s review, during that time he went through three tests – his body, his spirit and his mind/emotions.  The devil is still up to the same temptations with us today. Let’s see how Jesus shows us how to handle it.

First, Jesus had been in the wilderness for 40 days and eaten nothing, he was hungry! The devil tried to push him to turn stones into bread so he could satisfy his physical need. Aren’t we presented with decisions each day that we believe, or are made to believe, are a physical need. Jesus shows us that God will meet our needs if we seek the spiritual first, looking to Him and following His instructions.

Second, the devil knew Jesus had enormous power, he knew he was the Son of God even though he lied and said “if” you are the Son of God in Matthew 4:6. Our Savior had come to earth to walk among us as a human being, had he thrown Himself down and shown His spiritual power it would have been for naught. He basically told the devil, I know my power and you’re not going to push Me to prove it. We must remember that we’re in a spiritual battle each day and take our stand knowing God is behind us.

Third, the tempter tried to offer our Lord the whole world if He would bow to him. Jesus created everything – earth, moon, stars, and universe – so Satan offered Him nothing He didn’t already have. He reminds us that we must always put God first when the world offers us anything, because He’s over everything. Our minds and emotions sometimes get caught up in what feels good or looks good and we follow along. Stop!

If we want to have true joy and peace in life we must follow Jesus example of our priorities. When we do, the devil will depart AND angels will minister to you.


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