A Christian Journey

Being Led

“Then Jesus was led, guided, by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted, tested, and tried by the devil.” Matthew 4:1  Amplified

Yesterday we looked at this verse and focused on Jesus being tempted, tested, and tried as an example to show us what we should do when we are tempted, tested, and tried as we surely will be. The key to victory is the first part of the verse, He was led and guided by the Holy Spirit.

As believers we all WANT to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit, but do we allow Him to lead and guide us? When someone says, follow me, but you don’t know where they’re taking you part of you wants to hold back because you’re not sure you want to go where they lead. That’s fear. God is not the author of fear and doesn’t bring us fear, that’s from the enemy.

We must envision that God has the most wonderful thing for us when we follow His lead. Faith overcomes fear because we have a great God who knows what’s best for us. As parents we guide, or guided, our children to what we thought was best for them. How much more does God know what’s best for us. That’s why Jesus said we must have faith like little children to trust and obey.

Ask God for guidance, seek to do what you know is pleasing to Him and then step out in faith believing He will tell you what direction to take – stop, go or turn. To be led by the Holy Spirit you may have to step out of your comfort zone. Like Peter stepped out of the boat onto the water, Jesus will be with you to hold your hand.


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