A Christian Journey

More Than Conquerors

“Then Jesus was led, guided, by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted, tested and tried by the devil.” Matthew 4:1  Amplified

As we continue to study the example Jesus gives us in how He lived His life here on earth, we see He’s led by the Holy Spirit into great heights of majesty and splendor! Oh wait, that’s not what our verse says, it says he was led into the wilderness to be temped, tested and tried by the devil! Well that doesn’t seem quite right, especially after God in the previous verse (3:17) said, “This is my Son, My Beloved, in Whom I delight!” Logically we think if you love someone you’ll do what will make them happy, right?  Tempting, testing, and trials don’t sound like Happyland to me!

Here again we see Jesus’ humility in enduring all of the wiles of the devil. Sure He could have turned the enemy into a puff of smoke with a snap of His fingers, but what would that have accomplished? Remember, Jesus is our example for living life here on earth where WE will be tempted, tested and tried.

For those of us who have been believers for a long time it’s time for us to start putting into practice what Jesus shows us to do to live a victorious, joyful and peaceful life here on earth. We are aliens and strangers on this planet, but we are also more than conquerors!

Stay tuned to find out how to do that.


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