A Christian Journey

Sit Beside Them

“And he said, How is it possible for me to do so unless someone explains it to me and guides me in the right way? And he earnestly requested Philip to come up and sit beside him.” Acts 8:31  Amplified

The verse today from the book of Acts is from the account of Phillip, not the apostle, having a conversation with an Ethiopian official. We are told that the official had gone to Jerusalem to worship and was stopped on the side of the road heading home. He is sitting in his chariot reading from the book of Isaiah, Phillip hears him and approaches him asking if he understands what he is reading. His response is our key verse for today.

Just to back track a little, Phillip had been in Samaria and was involved in the situation with Simon that we looked at yesterday. The apostles, Peter and John, had returned to Jerusalem, but an angel appeared to Phillip and told him to travel south toward Gaza. Once Phillip got near the Ethiopian sitting on the side of the road the angel urged him to go and join him. They had a life changing conversation as Phillip proceeded to tell the man about Jesus and he was converted.

So how can we apply this as believers today?

First, Phillip waited to hear from the Lord. I know none of us like waiting, but it seems the more we push against waiting the longer we wait. We might hear from God too if we will wait and listen. Second, he obeyed. The angel told him in what direction to go, but nothing further. So he stepped out in faith trusting the Lord would lead him and provide the next step. Third, he was bold. The angel had told Phillip to go talk to the Ethiopian and Phillip didn’t give the angel any ifs, ands, or buts, he just did it. Fourth, he spoke. Phillip seized the opportunity before him. He already knew the Ethiopian was spiritually hungry because the man was reading God’s word. That gave Phillip the opportunity to talk to the man about what he was reading and in doing so tell him about Jesus.

We see here that God only needs four things from us to use us – waiting, obeying, boldness and speaking. For most of us the last part would be the hardest, but God’s Word tells us that He will give us the words to say if we will but trust Him (Matthew 10:20).


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