A Christian Journey

Devote Yourself

“More and more there were being added to the Lord those who believed, those who acknowledged Jesus as their Savior and devoted themselves to Him joined and gathered with them, crowds both of men and of women.”   Acts 5:14  Amplified

Our study of the book of Acts sees the church continuing to grow. Again we ask why it was growing, was it because of the miracles being performed by the apostles or by the change in the people themselves? I would imagine it was both. We see in the verses after our key verse for today that people were even putting their sick in the streets hoping that at least when Peter passed, his shadow would fall on them and they would be healed.  It’s hard to imagine Peter had greater healing power than Jesus, for this wasn’t said about the Savior. Remember, though, that Jesus Himself told His disciples that they would have greater power than Him, John 14:12.

The great miracles would surely bring the people in, but something had to keep them with the group. Our verse today says the people being added were those who acknowledged Jesus as Savior and devoted themselves to Him. We all know of people who get saved and then we never see them again in our churches, so it has to be the second part that is the key, they devoted themselves.

In our Christian circles this devotion would be called sanctification which means separating or setting apart. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines devotion as “a feeling of strong love or loyalty, the use of time, money and energy for a particular purpose.” There are many now and probably back then as well that wanted the benefits of salvation but not the sacrifice of devotion or sanctification. I would merely point out that it is a sacrifice of love to turn my whole life over to the Lord, He has done so much for me, He gave His life for me.

I urge anyone reading this to become like the believers in the early church and devote yourself to God, you will be the better for it.


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