A Christian Journey

You Shall Listen

“Thus Moses said to the forefathers, The Lord God will raise up for you a Prophet from among your brethren as He raised up me; Him you shall listen to and understand by hearing and heed all things whatever He tells you.”   Acts 3:22  Amplified

As we continue through the book of Acts following the new church we see in our verse today Peter preaching to the people. He and John were going into the temple and a crippled man begged money from them. The man asked them for a gift, Peter directed his gaze intently on the man and said, silver and gold I don’t have but what I do have I give you, in the name of Jesus Christ walk! Then Peter took hold of the man and pulled him up to his feet. The man not only stood up but he danced around praising God. All the people around them began praising God as well and they ran to Peter and John applauding them for this great act. Now Peter could have taken credit for performing a miracle, but instead he began to explain to them all that had happened to Jesus, even accusing them of participating in His death. Then he told them that he knew they acted out of ignorance and that they should repent, accept Jesus as the Messiah and be forgiven. God was basically saying through Peter that they had this opportunity to turn back to Him, but now they had knowledge and there would be no further excuse.

Our verse today is what Peter told his Jewish audience, but it speaks to us as well. “Him you shall listen to and understand by hearing and heed in all things whatever He tells you.”  If we would only do that through trials and situations, then He will take care of those trials, situations and us.


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