A Christian Journey

Determining God’s Will

“And they prayed and said, You Lord, Who know all hearts, their thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, purposes, and endeavors, indicate to us which one of these two You have chosen.” Acts 1:24

In continuing to look at the new church God created we see that the disciples have returned to Jerusalem and are waiting for the Holy Spirit to come. They are all gathered together, verse 15 states there were about 120 believers there. Peter takes the lead for the group in a decision to select another person to take Judas’ place. Two men are nominated, Justus and Matthias. They pray and ask the Lord for guidance on which man He would want. The scriptures say they drew lots, similar to flipping a coin, and Matthias won.

Some question the use of drawing lots to make this choice, but with the Lord ascended and the Holy Spirit having not descended yet this practice was used. The apostles were human and this method was used in old testament times generally by the high priest. Though they may have jumped the gun a bit, they were trying to do what they could while waiting for God’s next move. They did pray over this decision and believed that the Lord ordained the selection.

This speaks to me about wanting to move before the Lord is ready. It may be that the Lord didn’t want to replace Judas, but we often do what we think we should. The good news is, it doesn’t seem to have adversely affected the new church. It just shows old habits die hard.

So when making a decision, wait and pray, casting lots is not the recommended practice for determining the Lord’s will.


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