A Christian Journey

King Of Our Heart

“For John baptized with water, but not many days from now you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit.” Acts 1:5

As we look at the beginning of Christianity we see the disciples gathered around Jesus as He gives them final instructions before leaving this earth.

He tells them, in our verse today, that they would receive the Holy Spirit. There response wasn’t, oh what is that, or how wonderful is that, no they ask Him if His kingdom will be re-established. They responded in the flesh, just like we do. You see the Jews knew that one day God would return Israel to the glory of King Solomon, that’s one reason the religious leaders rejected Jesus, He didn’t come as a reigning king. They didn’t know how to handle the suffering Messiah.

So here are the disciples looking forward to Jesus coming to reign and rule and defeat the Jews enemies. He still was King, but a different king, His reign was of love not war. He tells them in reply that it wasn’t for them to know when the kingdom would come on earth. Further He reiterated to them that they would receive power from God when the Holy Spirit would come upon them.

Christianity was going to be different for them from what they had known in Judaism. Christianity is really about relationship not rules. If we’ll walk in love with those around us then the rules will be taken care of. When we love others we won’t steal, murder, covet, or be jealous. Even today for us, becoming a Christian is different from what we were because Jesus washes us clean from sin and helps us walk in love. If we let Jesus reign in our heart and be King of our lives we can know true joy and peace.


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