A Christian Journey

The Family Begins

“And while being in their company and eating at the table with them, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem but to wait for what the Father had promised, Of which, He said, you have heard me speak.” Acts 1:4  Amplified

After Jesus arose from the tomb He appeared to His followers and stayed with and among them for 40 days. He opened up the Word to them, which at that point was the old testament. It is said that they learned more from Him in those 40 days than the prior three years they had spent with Him. When He was with them before, they wanted to believe He was who He said he was, but now they knew and their spiritual eyes and hearts were opened.

In our verse today He’s telling them to wait right where they are for what the Father promised them. Do you think they had as much trouble waiting as we do? They had just been with Jesus and had grown so much spiritually I’m sure they were excited to go and share it with others right away, like a new-born convert.

God asks us to wait all the time for answers or action. Hard as it may be we must always trust God to give us the answers and actions, in His appointed time, knowing that it will be what’s best. Let’s learn this from our first brothers and sisters in Christ.


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