A Christian Journey

Walk The Talk

“And that repentance, with a view to and as the condition of, forgiveness of sins, should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.”  Luke 24:47  Amplified

Jesus is dead, now what?

Imagine being one of the disciples and followers of Jesus while He ministered and taught on earth. Your leader, the Man who performed miracle after miracle, Who taught wonderful lessons on loving God and people, is now gone. From your point of view He was murdered, He suffered a horrible execution on a cross and now lays in a tomb. How would you feel?

I would imagine I would feel empty, lost, downcast, and forlorn. I can remember when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, there was a feeling in our country like that. There was also a sense of shock, it came so suddenly. It had to be a shock to Jesus followers too, in a matter of days He went from preaching and teaching to hanging on a cross!

Then comes resurrection morning when Jesus rose from the dead, just like He said He would. Praise God, He is risen!! What a roller coaster! All of His followers went from the deepest valley after His death and now to the highest heights because He is back.

Just like He told them, He tells us today, go and tell the world about me. Remember though, don’t just speak the words, walk the talk.

We will look at the new church for the next few weeks to see what they did and how they handled their new faith, please join me.


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