A Christian Journey

Peculiarly His Own

“He did not tell them anything without a parable; but privately to His disciples, those who were peculiarly His own, He explained everything fully.”    Mark 4:34  Amplified

Jesus used parables to explain spiritual things because as a human living on earth He understood how the human mind worked. Yes, I know that God knows how our mind works, He created it, but Jesus had an earthly grasp of it.

In our verse today Jesus had just told the crowd the parable of the sower casting seed on the ground. Some seed fell along the path, some on rocky ground, some among thorns and some on good soil. He then explained that the seed sown is the Word and the soil are people. The seed along the path is taken lightly and the devil comes and takes it away. The seed sown on the stony ground, is received and welcomed but then troubles come or they are offended and they fall away. The seed sown among thorns is received but has no root, the worries, cares and pleasures of the world overtake it like weeds and suffocate it. The seed sown on good soil takes root, is received, accepted, welcomed, and bears fruit.

The Bible, the Gospels, God’s Word are not that hard to understand, but you have to WANT to understand. Jesus understands us and will help us when we seek Him for understanding.


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