A Christian Journey

Tired As He Was

“And Jacob’s well was there. So Jesus, tired as He was from His journey, sat down to rest by the well.”  John 4:6a  Amplified

Looking at Jesus humanity is sometimes difficult because He was so led by the spirit. In our verse today, though, His physical body is what we see holding Him to earth.

In Jesus day most people walked if they wanted to go somewhere. The Lord and His group of disciples were moving all around telling others about eternal life. While traveling from Judea to Galilee He went through Samaria and, as our verse tells us, rested near a well.

My focus is not on the conversation He had with the woman there, though this is a story I love. No my focus is on his humanness, his flesh, his body and the earthly effects He felt. The verse says He was tired from His journey. We would all agree that God doesn’t get tired, nor would He have any other earthly feelings.

What this speaks to me is that even though we sometimes get tired from all that we do, even for the Lord, we must always have our eyes, ears and hearts open to minister to others. That’s what Jesus did in this verse. A woman came to the well to get a jar of water, He told her about the living water and she eventually believed He was the Messiah. In fact her whole village was saved! All this was done because he was tired from His journey.

The Spirit will help us in our fleshly tiredness to go on if we seek the Spirit’s help.


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