A Christian Journey

Is It Your Time

“Jesus said to her, Dear woman, what is that to you and to Me? My time has not yet come.” John 2:4  Amplified

In continuing our study on Jesus humanity we have the story today of Him turning the water into wine. Now you’ll notice in our verse that He is telling His mother that it was not yet his time. She had told Him that they had run out of wine for the wedding, and He was telling her that it was not time for Him to perform any miracles. When we continue reading this story though, He does perform a miracle after all. So why did He tell her that?

To me we see Jesus humanity here. He knows He will be starting His ministry, being baptized was the first step. I think in His humanity He was hesitant to perform the first miracle, for once He did that then there was no stopping the progression. He knew in his flesh where the progression led, to Calvary, and He may have been trying to put that off, in His flesh.

Mary had to do for Him like a mother bird has to do to her chicks, push them out of the nest. She knew it was time for Him and so she told Him the need they had at this wedding. Turning water into wine is no major miracle, they could have done fine without it, but He had to start somewhere.

Let me be a mother hen to you that read this and try to push you out of the nest. We are often hesitant to take a step toward something we’ve never done, our humanity holds us back. Don’t fear though, God is holding your hand and He will hold you up if you will take that step out of your comfort zone to do something for Him.


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