A Christian Journey

“For because He Himself, in His humanity, has suffered in being tempted, tested and tried, He is able immediately to run to the cry of those who are being tempted, tested and tried, those being exposed to suffering.”  Hebrews 2:18  Amplified

As we approach Easter I decided to do a study on Jesus, hopefully from a little different perspective.

I wondered recently why Jesus had to come to earth as a baby? He was already in existence, why couldn’t He just appear on earth. I know the prophecy says He would come from Bethlehem, but nowhere in prophecy does it say He had to be born. The verse above says that in His humanity he has suffered in being tempted, tested and tried. We know he suffered on the cross, but I think this verse means more than that.

He was born in a small town and according to the scriptures He was very ordinary looking, like any other little Jewish boy. As He grew up He went through all the things little boys go through. He played, He fought, He fell down, He cried, He may have even been bullied. From His birth to age 12 we don’t read any more about Him. In Luke 2:41 – 46, we are told that His family went to Jerusalem for the Passover Feast. This wasn’t just a vacation with his mom and dad, this was more likely a family reunion. The scripture calls the group a caravan and his parents think, on the return trip home, that He’s with other family members. When they can’t find Him with the group they return to Jerusalem and find Him sitting in the synagogue listening to the teachers and asking questions.

This story was likely handed down from Jesus mother, Mary, and she likely admitted that His childhood, other than this story, was not out of the ordinary. I think if there was more to tell, then the Lord would have revealed it to us.

Notice after He turns 12 and goes back home, we don’t hear of Him again until he’s 33. So what was He doing those 21 years? That’s the big question everyone wants to know. For me the answer is in our verse today, “in His humanity, he suffered in being tempted, tested and tried” He first had to experience what it was like to be human, so that He could truly relate to us.

We will look through the verses of His ministry to see more of Jesus humanness.


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