A Christian Journey

A Changed Life

“Now on the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, while it was still dark, and saw the stone had been removed from the tomb.”  John 20:1  Amplified

Our woman of the Bible for today is Mary Magdalene, from whom seven demons had been expelled (Luke 8:2).

In our verse today we see that she is the first person to go to the tomb after Jesus is crucified. When she discovers the tomb empty and His grave-clothes lying around she runs to tell Peter and the others. They go back with her to the tomb, look around, and then go back home, but Mary stays there.

I feel as if she just wanted to be as close to Jesus as she could, so she stood outside the tomb and cried for her lost loved one. She looked into the tomb again, maybe in hopes of seeing Jesus, maybe He wasn’t gone after all, but she sees two angels sitting there. They asked her why she was crying and she told them because she didn’t know where He was. She turned around and Jesus was standing behind her, but she didn’t recognize Him. He asked her why she was crying, she asked Him to tell her where Jesus was. At that Jesus called her name and she recognized Him. She must have reached out toward Him because He told her not to touch Him as He had not ascended yet. He instructed her to go tell the other disciples that she saw Him and that He would be going to see the Father.

How wonderful to be the first person to see the risen Lord!

Think about where she came from, before Jesus she was possessed by seven demons, making her do who knows what. Now she has seen the Man who saved her and Who gave her eternal life.

This speaks to me about love, faith, commitment, and selflessness. If she had been thinking of herself she probably wouldn’t have gone to the tomb in the first place in the dark, alone. When the others left after seeing the grave-clothes lying about, she could have gone with them, but she loved Jesus so much, she put thoughts of Him first. When she was questioned by the angels and Jesus, who she thought was the gardener, she could have lied to them about why she was there or why she was crying. She cried not because of HER loss and how that affected HER life, she cried because she wanted to know where HE was. It wasn’t about her, nothing would be about HER any more.

Mary Magdalene is a wonderful example for us of a changed life living for the Lord.


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