A Christian Journey

Troubles Multiplied

“The troubles of my heart are multiplied; bring me out of my distresses.”  Psalm 25:16

Psalm 25 is a wonderful chapter that will encourage the heart. Reading and meditating on the entire chapter is very uplifting. With that said, looking at verse 16 reminds me that we so often don’t turn to God or His word for encouragement and comfort.

In our humanness we tend to run to other humans when problems arise either hoping to get pity or to get some attention. If we really want answers though, we need to turn to God. Think about it, what can another human do for you? Most of the time they are as helpless as you are.

In our verse today I want to also have us look at the downward spiral of troubles, it says they are multiplied. When we turn inward during trials or troubles it can bring to the surface all the other areas in our life that are not quite what we think they should be. Whether these are real or imagined, our focus is on ourselves and, though some may argue, I believe this becomes idol worship. Remember, whatever you focus on you are worshiping.

We must always be mindful to keep our focus on God and turn to Him in times of troubles. Verse 5 of this same chapter says, “Guide me in Your truth and faithfulness and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation, for You and You only and altogether do I wait expectantly all the day long.”


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