A Christian Journey

Why Do You Fear God

“Then Satan answered the Lord, Does Job reverently fear God for nothing?”   Job 1:9   Amplified

I’m going through a trial right now, nothing major, but it caused me to think about all the scriptures regarding trials and struggles, and how the christian should react. Today I felt led to look at the original sufferer, Job.

The book of Job is considered the oldest book in the Bible, probably written around the time of Abraham in Genesis. It’s the story of a man who loses everything yet stays faithful to God. The real story to me is where it begins. Satan and his minions go before the Lord and the devil reports that he’s been moving around on the earth. He doesn’t say what he’s been looking for, but God knows that the enemy of mankind is looking for someone to fail. He tells Satan, Have you considered My servant Job? The Lord goes on to speak highly of Job, that he’s righteous and blameless and shuns evil. Of course, the accuser says, from our verse today, Does Job reverently fear God for nothing? In other words, there’s a reason Job acts the way he does, he wouldn’t be like that if You didn’t protect him. God knew Job’s heart and allowed the devil to take everything away from Job except his life.

So the devil did everything he could to make Job turn on God. He took his family, except his wife, his wealth and possessions. He also was able to use Job’s wife to help him along with getting Job to turn from God, she told Job, Just curse God and die. No wonder she didn’t die with the rest of his family. Then of course he had three friends come to comfort him. Their only consolation, though, was to try to convince him that he must have done something wrong to deserve this punishment. As you can see he really had no one on his side and understandably Job got a little depressed. He wished he had never been born.

The rest of the book of Job are the conversations he has with his friends, back and forth, each stating why they feel the way they do. In the end God responds to Job and his friends to let them know that ultimately He is in control. Job replies to God by saying in verse 42:5 “I heard of you only by the hearing of the ear, but now my spiritual eyes see You.”

No matter what we go through whether big or small, we must always remember that God holds the universe, our universe in His hands. I must always remember that I am in a spiritual warfare and the devil will do all he can to turn me from God or keep from helping others draw closer to God.

Like a child in her father’s lap, I must always look to my heavenly father for His care, knowing that He will take care of me, and He will take care of you too, if we trust Him.


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