A Christian Journey

In Spirit And In Truth

“Presently, when a woman of Samaria came along to draw water, Jesus said to her, Give me a drink-”   John 4:7   Amplified

Our woman of the Bible for today is the woman at the well.

In reading over this story the first thing that struck me is in this verse, Jesus is asking someone else for something. When you read through the four gospels people are always asking HIM for things – healing, answers, freedom. This woman comes to the well to draw water alone, normally the women of the village draw water early in the day, but we find out later why she’s not with them. Since she is coming alone and at noon Jesus knows there is a problem here, some issues to deal with. If we pay more attention to the people around us, we can spot issues too. The question is, do we want to help them deal with their issues.

Jesus gives us a great example on counseling through conversation. You ask the right questions and you may get some revealing answers. Of course, the first thing the woman does is go on the defense by first telling Him that they’re from different cultures and He should not be talking to her. He urges her to look past the physical realm and into the spiritual one by telling her that she should be asking Him for living water. Still thinking in the physical realm she looks around Him and sees no container for Him to hold water. He tells her further that the water she can see will not last and she will need more, but the water He has she will never thirst again. Now, He’s got her attention, she tells Him to give her some of that water.

First, Jesus delves a little deeper, He tells her to go get her husband and come back. She boldly replies that she has no husband and Jesus agrees with her, then He tells her about her past. She thinks He’s a prophet, I believe we can picture her taking a step toward Him at this point, as she begins to discuss religion with Him. He gives her a nugget of wisdom; true worship of God is in spirit and in truth – your intentions and your actions – not a specific place. At that point she acknowledges that the Messiah is coming and that He will tell the people everything they need to know and make it clear. Jesus then reveals Himself to her, that He is the Christ.

I can only imagine the look on this woman’s face when she realizes what He has said and Who she has been speaking with. It changes her so much that she leaves her water and runs back to the town telling everyone about Jesus and what He said.

This woman, who came to the well alone and probably lonely, left with the greatest joy we can all have. Allow Jesus to bring you that joy each time you meet with Him, He always has something to tell us.


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