A Christian Journey

Senior Faith

“And as a widow even for eighty-four years. She did not go out from the temple enclosure, but was worshiping night and day with fasting and prayer.”  Luke 2:37  Amplified

Anna is our woman of the Bible for today. Only three verses describe her to us, but what powerful verses they are.

Jesus is only eight days old and his parents were taking him to the temple to be circumcised by the priest. There they meet Simeon who had been looking for the Consolation of Israel. The scriptures in Luke say that it had been divinely revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not see death before the Messiah came. After seeing and holding Jesus he says in verse 32 of chapter two, “A Light for revelation to the Gentiles and to bring praise, honor and glory to Your people Israel.”

Then they met the prophetess Anna who was at least 91 years old. Our verse today says she made the temple her dwelling place. She saw Jesus and praised and thanked God for the deliverance of Jerusalem.

What do these two old people have to say to us? For me it’s a window to see the path I know lies ahead. A funny thing happens as we get older, we get wiser. Oh not everyone, unfortunately, but generally as we start to see the end of this life on the horizon our eyes begin to look up more. When we are young we only see what is all around us on earth, especially when we’re taking care of a family with little ones at our feet. To me Simeon and Anna should be in the Hall of Faith, as the 12th chapter of Hebrews is often called. They maintained their believe in God that He would send the Redeemer, a Savior. Simeon even prophesied He would be a Light for revelation to the Gentiles.

Oh that I would have the faith that these two seniors had.


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