A Christian Journey

Being Used By The Lord

“But they had no child, for Elizabeth was barren; and both were far advanced in years.”  Luke 1:7

The woman of the Bible for today is Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist.

In the book of Luke the story of Elizabeth, who was Mary’s cousin, is interwoven in the birth of Christ. Elizabeth’s husband Zachariah was a temple priest, they were both righteous in the sight of God and followed Him in all they did. While he was serving in the temple one day an angel appeared to him and told him his wife would conceive. Because he questioned it he was unable to speak until the child was born.

To be barren in that culture was a disgrace, but Elizabeth still loved the Lord and trusted Him. Then her cousin Mary came to visit and upon hearing Mary speak, the baby in Elizabeth’s womb jumped for joy. Elizabeth was the one to speak the words, Blessed above all other women are you! And blessed is the Fruit of your womb! The two women had many things in common besides their blood relationship. They both dealt with disgrace and favor, they both were partakers in a miracle, they both were now expectant mothers.

Surely it was a great help for the young mother Mary to have an older relative Elizabeth to walk through the pregnancy with her. The Bible says they stayed together for three months.

Elizabeth is a great example of a faithful servant of the Lord being willing to be used however He wanted, and being blessed because of it.


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