A Christian Journey

How Much Of You

“And a widow who was poverty-stricken came and put in two copper mites, the smallest of coins, which together make half of a cent.” Mark 12:42  Amplified

Our woman of the Bible for today is the poverty-stricken widow.

Jesus was discussing with the disciples about those who have a form of religion and those who truly trust and love God. In chapter 12 of Mark, Jesus tells them about a vineyard owner, paying tribute to Caesar, marriage in heaven, and the greatest commandment. All of these show where your heart is, to do what is right, not love money, but love God with all your heart.

Then Jesus went to the porch of the temple to teach, while there He sat and watched as the people came in. He commented to His disciples on the Scribes, He said, who liked to come in wearing their long lavish robes and sit in the front seats. He continued though by saying they devour the widows houses and to cover it up make long prayers. Then He made note of the people putting money in the treasury as they passed. Many of the rich people were throwing in large sums, but a widow came along and put in her two coins. He remarked to His disciples that the widow put more in than all the others had, for they put in of their abundance, but she put in all she had.

In all this Jesus wasn’t talking about how much money you give, but about how much of you, you give.


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