A Christian Journey

Respond To The Call

“Also, while he was seated on the judgment bench, his wife sent him a message saying, Have nothing to do with that just and upright Man, for I have had a painful experience today in a dream because of Him.”   Matthew 27:19

Our woman of the Bible today is Pilate’s wife. When the Jewish leaders brought Jesus before Pilate for judgment, his wife sent him a message which is our verse for today.

You have to wonder what prompted her to do that. The verse says Pilate was seated on the judgment bench, when he got her message. Couldn’t she have sent the message sooner? He was a busy man, after all he was the governor of Judea, maybe he was just getting the message. Maybe that’s the point of this verse, he was at a critical juncture, about to decide the fate of Jesus. It was at this time that Pilate remembered the annual practice of letting one prisoner go free. He left it up to the Jewish people to decide if it would be Jesus or Barabbas. This exonerated him and placed the guilt squarely on the Jewish people. As we know they chose to free Barabbas, a well-known criminal and Pilate washed his hands of the whole ordeal.

Let’s look back though at Pilate’s wife. Her message said she had a painful experience in a dream about Jesus. We don’t know anything more about the dream, but it was powerful enough to move her to action. The rich often seek fulfillment in other things when they have all the money and possessions they want. Some gravitate to spirituality, Pilate’s wife may have been one of those. The Lord used her to help direct Pilate’s actions. God could have given the dream directly to Pilate, but we’re often moved more by a loved ones request rather than our own thoughts. Also, we must remember that Pilate was first and foremost a soldier who surely had to deaden his feelings to some extent to rise through the ranks and become governor.

Some believe that Pilate and his wife later became christian’s, though this isn’t a fact, it’s surely a possibility. The scriptures don’t tell us if she ever saw or heard Jesus before this terrible day. We can suppose that she may have heard of Him and managed to sneak out to hear Him speak. There are a few things we can say about her, she was brave and steadfast, we might even compare her to Esther in getting a message to Pilate she was doing so for such a time as this.

Finally though, let’s follow her example and be sensitive to God’s call and respond accordingly.


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