A Christian Journey

What Do You Wish

“And He asked her, What do you wish? She answered him, Give orders that these two sons of mine may sit, one at Your right hand and one at Your left in Your kingdom.”  Matthew 20:21

Zebedee’s wife is the women of the Bible we look at today. Just like any other mother, she wanted the best for her sons, only she didn’t know that there was a requirement to her request. Jesus asked the sons, after hearing the mother speak, if they would be able to drink the cup that He was about to. Of course they said they could, not really knowing what He meant. Now He had just told the disciples that the chief priests and scribes were going to deliver Him to the Gentiles to be mocked, whipped, and crucified. Then He told these two men that they would drink the cup, but it was not up to Him to appoint seats, that was up to the Father. Of course the other ten disciples got upset that Zebedee’s sons even asked about such a thing.

As a mother I understand this woman wanting the best for her boys, it says she kneeled and worshipped Jesus before asking Him that favor. So it appears all the way around that she had a good heart. We have to be careful though that good intentions don’t lead us to something we can’t handle. Always make all your requests known to God and ask for His direction. Jesus also told the disciples in this story that He came to serve not to be served and they needed to do the same thing. Our flesh wants to lift us up and make us well-known, but the spirit just wants us to be obedient.


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