A Christian Journey

Such A Time As This

“And let the maiden who pleases the king be queen instead of Vashti, this pleased the king and he did so.”  Esther 2:4   Amplified

Getting back to the study of our women of the Bible, today we look at Esther. She is only one of two women that have books in the Bible named after them, the other being Ruth.

Esther was a young beautiful Jewish girl living in the kingdom of King Xerxes as part of the captivity in Persia.  Prior to our scripture for today the king had called queen Vashti to come to him when he was having a party, and she refused.  Back then no one refused the king anything, so Vashti was out as queen and he was looking for another one.

Now the king must choose among the beautiful young virgins in his kingdom, tough job huh?  Esther is among the group, but no one knows that she’s Jewish.  When she went before him he fell madly in love with her and chose her to be his queen. All the while this happy event is taking place one of the kings counselors, Haman, took a disliking for her cousin Mordecai. He began a plot to rid himself of all the Jews in the kingdom. Mordecai heard about the plot and went to Esther asking her to go to the king.  At that time you only saw the king when he wanted to see you. She feared trying to talk to the king, but Mordecai urged her to do it or else her people would perish.  He wisely told her that the only reason she may have been queen was for such a time as this.

We all like our comfort zones; the places where everything is smooth and peaceful, no bumps or grumps. God knows we don’t grow in those spaces though, it’s in the tough times that we become stronger. It could be that you have an opportunity to help others in their tough spot, but it will take being uncomfortable for you. This may be your “such a time as this” momen. Seek God for direction.  In our story today that’s what Esther did. She asked Mordecai to have the people pray and fast for her for three days then she would go to the king.

There is a happy ending here, she placed herself where the king could see her at court and he called her to him to ask her what she needed. She wisely didn’t say anything about the plot at that time, but instead invited the king to a dinner also inviting Mordecai and Haman. Through the course of the evening Esther let the king know what Haman was planning to do. The king was enraged and did to Haman what he had planned for Mordecai.

The story of Esther is an example for me of how God works things out. One of my favorite verse is Romans 8:28 “I am assured and know that God, being a partner in my labor,  all things work together and are fitting into a plan for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  We must make ourselves available for God’s purpose every day for we never know if this isn’t such a time as this.


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