A Christian Journey

Disturbed And Troubled

“When Herod the king heard this, he was disturbed and troubled, and the whole of Jerusalem with him.”  Matthew 2:3

There’s always a villain in every story and Herod is it for this one. All the devil could do to try to stop God from coming down to earth was use people, just like he does today. In this case his primary target would be a Jewish man of influence, Herod. Most don’t know that King Herod was a Jew, but in name only. He was put in power by Rome as they knew he could be manipulated. All he really cared about was the power he had and the benefits that came along with it. When confronted with any challenge to that he turned to the Roman way of responding, get rid of it.

Through the wise men he found out as much as he could about the birth of Jesus, then he told them to let him know when they found Him so he could worship Him too. All of that was a lie, and when Herod found out the wise men weren’t coming back he sent his men to Bethlehem to put any male child under the age of two to death. Of course we know that Jesus wasn’t killed, Joseph was warned of this so he left Bethlehem and went to Egypt until Herod died.

One of the reasons people don’t accept Jesus as their Savior is they like the power and control they have over their lives. At least they think they have power and control, the enemy is good at convincing us of that. If we’re not careful we can become as evil as Herod was in doing everything to rid ourselves of Jesus. When we remove Him from every aspect of our life, then we are left with a vacuum and the devil is glad to fill it.


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