A Christian Journey

The Open Sky

“And in that vicinity there were shepherds living out under the open sky in the field, watching in shifts over their flock by night.” Luke 2:8  Amplified

The shepherds in the story of the birth of Jesus always seem to appear very ragged and poor. Some associate that with them being stupid and dull as well. Idiots who will believe anything they’re told. Of course those same people believe a big explosion started everything we now know, how gullible is that?

If we look back on shepherds in Jesus time they had to be very smart as sheep are very dumb. They had to battle predators when far away from town, know the right places to go to feed and water the sheep, and be aware of the seasons to take proper care of their flock. King David was a shepherd as a boy. In his battle with Goliath, he tells King Saul that the Lord helped him defeat the lion and the bear, why not a big loudmouth oaf?

Though shepherds were intelligent they also were able to spend a lot of time communing with the environment and think on spiritual things, like the wise men. Maybe that’s why those two groups were chosen.

Oftentimes we hurry too much in life, going here and there, only to then go on to another here and there. Let’s stop, especially at this time of year and get out under the open sky. Let’s ponder what God has for us and where He is leading us.


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