A Christian Journey

Under These Circumstances

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place under these circumstances;”  Matthew 1:18a    Amplified

Let’s take a look at all the people involved in the birth of Jesus. I suppose you would start with Mary and Joseph, but let’s look beyond them to their families. What would you think if your son were engaged to a woman who suddenly came up pregnant, yet she claimed she had not been with another man! What would you think if your daughter, who was engaged, came up pregnant, but claimed she had not been with a man! We don’t often think about this situation as it might happen today or what the other people around Mary and Joseph might have thought. From the scriptures we don’t know Mary’s parents names, and we only get Joseph’s fathers name, Jacob. For God to have chosen these two, though, they must have been of high moral character.

When we venture beyond Mary and Joseph’s immediate family, then we have to wonder what their other family members and community must have thought. The couple likely had to endure a lot of whispering and wondering during the time of Mary’s pregnancy. Through all of that, they remained firm in their beliefs.

No matter what comes at us, or what others may think of what we are doing for the Lord, if we believe He has instructed us, then we must also stand firm on His word.


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