A Christian Journey

Joy To The World

“….you shall say, The Lord is great and will be magnified over and beyond the border of Israel!”  Malachi 1:5  Amplified

As we approach Christmas I wondered, why do we have an old testament and a new testament?  Of course the obvious answer is that the old testament was written by and for the Jewish people, yet the new testament is for the rest of us. Interestingly, the new testament was written by Jewish people. The most striking difference is that in the old testament God speaks to man, but never appears in physical form.  In the new testament He appears as Jesus.

Throughout the old testament God is continually dealing with a people who are called His chosen people, yet they seem to always be drifting away from Him.  Like little children most of them seem so easily distracted by the bright and shining things in the world around them. Sound familiar?

We aren’t given the reason why God came down to earth as Jesus, to walk among us, be tempted as we are, suffer physical and emotional pain, but aren’t we glad He did.

God walked with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and communed with them in that perfect place. Later, He walked again with man on the imperfect earth seeking to commune with them again.

It amazes me that people can believe in a big bang theory, but not a loving God and a Savior Who gave His life for them. I suppose the difference is that evolution doesn’t require them to kneel and worship a Power greater than themselves. Humility is the greatest sacrifice and that’s what God did for us. He humbled Himself to become a baby and “grow up” in this world in hopes we would humble ourselves and “grow up” in His world.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come.


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