A Christian Journey

Rejoice In Your Salvation

“But to Hannah he gave a double portion, for he loved Hannah, but the Lord had given her no children.”  1 Samuel 1:5  Amplified

Our woman of the Bible for today is Hannah.  Her story starts in the book of 1 Samuel, and tells about the prophet Samuel.  Hannah was married to a man, Elkanah, who loved her greatly, but she was barren. We’ll call the man Elk, and he had another wife, Peninnah, we’ll call her Penni, who was able to have sons and daughters. Unfortunately Penni rubbed it in to Hannah that she was able to have children, but Hannah couldn’t.  This made Hannah very sad, she moped around and wouldn’t eat.  In typical male fashion Elk couldn’t understand and asked her why she was crying and sad, isn’t having me enough he told her. She ate a little bit and then went for a walk.  She was praying and vowed to the Lord, “If You will indeed look on the affliction of your handmaid and earnestly remember and not forget Your handmaid but will give me a son, I will give him to the Lord all his life, no razor shall touch his head.” While praying this she happened to walk by Eli, the priest of God, who was sitting near the temple. He saw her lips moving, but didn’t hear her speaking and accused her of being drunk.  She told him she was sorrowful and praying and that she wasn’t a drunken woman. The prophet then told her to go in peace and said, “may the God of Israel grant your petition which you have asked.”  She thanked him and went away no longer sad.

The family returned home the next day and the Lord remembered her, she became pregnant. She named the child Samuel, which meant “heard of God”, because she said, I have asked him of the Lord. Once the child was weaned, around three years old, she went back to Shiloh and presented him to Eli the priest. Hannah reminded him of their encounter and that she was giving young Samuel back to the Lord. Her prayer of praise to God is recorded in 1 Samuel 2:1-10, the first verse says, “My heart exults and triumphs in the Lord, my horn, my strength is lifted up in the Lord. My mouth is no longer silent, for it is opened wide over my enemies, because I rejoice in your salvation.”

Hannah is a beautiful example of a woman seeking God’s will for her life. When life was not going her way, the people around her didn’t understand her or gave her a hard time, she didn’t get down and give up.  Getting down is one thing, staying down is another. Hannah did what all of us should do during trials, she turned to God and asked for His help. He helped her and He is wanting to help us as well.


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