A Christian Journey

Reasonable Service

“And Moses was content to dwell with the man, and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter.”   Exodus 2:21   Amplified

Zipporah is our woman of the Bible for today, she was Moses wife.  It is stated in the Word that Moses lived 120 years.  It’s believed that he spent his first 40 years in Egypt, his next 40 years in Midian, and his final 40 years with the Israelites in the wilderness.  Put another way; Moses had 40 years of preparation, 40 years of isolation, and 40 years of ordination.  With him for the better part of 80 years was his wife Zipporah.  She’s believed to be the oldest daughter of Jethro, a Midian priest.  This is primarily due to the culture which required the oldest daughter to be married first, he had 7 girls.

Not much is said about Zipporah, she was the woman behind the man.  It’s assumed that she was a humble and dutiful wife to Moses. It would seem reasonable, though, that she might have concerns about going back to Egypt once the Lord called him to that task, yet she followed.

As women of God we must always humble ourselves to Him and those He has placed over us in authority.  We must always remember that we submit not just to human authority, but ultimately to God.  That is our reasonable service.


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