A Christian Journey

Greatly Rewarded

“And the woman became pregnant and bore a son, and when she saw that he was exceedingly beautiful she hid him three months.” Exodus 2:2  Amplified

Jochebed is our woman of the Bible for today, Moses mother. Imagine having a child knowing that he might be killed.  I’m sure it’s a horrible thing to lose a child, especially an infant, but pre-meditated murder would be agony.

When Moses was born, Pharoah had already given the order to kill all male Hebrew babies.  Jochebed had successfully hidden him until he was three months old, then she knew she had to do something else.  It’s interesting to me that she put him in an ark, a small floating basket, to save him.  Mankind had been saved by an ark during the flood. The Israelites later construct the Ark of the Covenant, to represent God’s presence and guidance, which saved them.

Pharoah’s daughter was down by the Nile that day bathing when the ark came floating by.  She opened the basket and saw the crying baby, had pity on him and took him in, even though she recognized he was a Hebrew child.  Moses sister, Miriam, had been following along on the shoreline to see what would happen to her brother and she boldly stepped out to ask Pharoah’s sister if she wanted a nursemaid.  The “new” mother told the girl that she did and so Miriam went and got her mother, took the child and nursed him, even getting paid for it.

What would Jochebed say to us today about being a mother, with so many women throwing their babies away.  She had other children, did she really need one more? I mean they were slaves, it was probably hard enough to feed the family already. We can always justify what we are doing if we try hard enough.   Pharoah felt he justified killing the Hebrew males because their population was getting too great.

What we have in Jochebed is a wonderful example of selflessness. She gave her child up to another to save his life.  How exciting it must have been for her when her daughter Miriam came home and told her that Pharoah’s daughter had her son, AND that they needed a woman to take care of him.  I doubt her feet hardly hit the ground as she likely ran to get her son to bring him home.  Her faithfulness to God in trusting Him with Moses was greatly rewarded.

We must put our trust in Him to take care of our situations, though they don’t usually involve life and death.  When we do, we will see His great reward.


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