A Christian Journey

He Wept Aloud

‘Then Jacob kissed Rachel and he wept aloud.”  Genesis 29:11

Wow!  Have you ever had a man cry over you?  I never noticed that before in the Bible, that when Jacob met Rachel he cried.

Today’s woman of the Bible is Rachel, and what a way to start her story.  Rebekah, Jacob’s mother, sent him back to her people to choose a wife, that’s where he is when the story begins.  Rachel and Jacob are truly kissing cousins.  Remember, though, we aren’t that far out from Adam and Eve, so at this time that’s permissable.

So Jacob goes to Rachel’s camp to meets the family.  Now Laban, Rachel’s father, tells Jacob that he can stay but he must work.  When they discuss the wages Jacob agrees to work just to be able to marry Rachel, he loved her so.  Laban agreed, but he told Jacob he would have to work seven years first.  Now Laban had an older daughter, Leah, who hadn’t married yet.  On the wedding night of Rachel and Jacob, Laban got Jacob drunk and put his daughter Leah in the tent with Jacob.  The next morning he woke up and realized he had been fooled. He got very upset with Laban, but Laban said it was their custom that the older daughter should get married first.  He agreed to let Jacob have Rachel if he worked another seven years, which he did.

How would you feel if you were Rachel.  The man you love, who loves you so much he cried the first time he kissed you belongs to someone else, and it’s your sister!  Talk about a conflict of interests.  We must take into consideration the culture that this happened in.   Rachel likely knew well before the wedding night that this was going to happen, but what could she do.  She could only hope that Jacob would still want to marry her after being married to her sister. 

We sometimes face situations and issues that come up that maybe we can even see coming, that we can do little or nothing about.  So what is God telling us to do in those situations from this story of Rachel.  It is always about trust with God.  When we feel cheated or treated unfairly our human nature wants to rise up and defend us.  God is our defense, He will provide.


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