A Christian Journey

Look For Your Rainbow

“But I will establish My covenant, promise, pledge with you, and you shall come into the ark – you and your sons, your wife and your sons’ wives with you.”    Genesis 6:18   Amplified

As we move on to the next woman of the Bible I felt compelled to look at Noah’s wife.  Genesis 6:8 says, “But Noah found grace, favor in the eyes of the Lord.”  Now I’ve heard it said that behind every good man is a good woman.   She isn’t named, but she must have been a woman of faith.  There’s nothing negative said about her, unlike other women we will see later, so she was at least a good helpmate to Noah.

Let’s recap the setting.  The world’s gone mad, the wickedness was great, so much so that the Lord regretted making man.  He tells Noah that He’s going to destroy the world and to build an ark to carry him and his family away to safety.  And oh by the way, take ALL the animals too.  Noah starts building the ark as instructed, with his wife and family to help.  Don’t you think the neighbors question them about the ark.  It hasn’t rained yet so what is this thing? Yeah and also, what is rain?  Since Noah and his family aren’t partying sinners they’re likely made fun of anyway.  As a wife, how do you deal with that?  She probably didn’t hear God talk to Noah, but unlike Eve who doubted God told her husband to do this, she helps him and goes obediently into the ark.  Have a few animials at your house to take care of?  How about taking care of two from every kind of animal.  The big ferocious kind and the slithery kind.  Ever been stuck in a cabin or hotel room for a few days with several people?  Try a boat full of animals and seven other people for 110 days!  She gets my vote for Woman of the Past.

Her reward?  She got to see the first rainbow, and I’m sure it was a beauty.  So you think you got it rough, think about Noah’s wife and all she went through.  Then hang in there so you can see your rainbow.


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