A Christian Journey

The Essential Love

“By this we come to know progressively to recognize, perceive, understand the essential love; that He laid down His own life for us; and we ought to lay our lives down for those who are our brothers in Him.”   1 John 3:16   Amplified

In today’s 3:16 verse the Apostle John is reiterating what Jesus said in John 15:13, “No one has greater love, shown stronger affection, than to lay down, give up, his own life for his friends.”  

Jesus died for us, he physically hung on a cross and shed His blood for us, for our sin.  There are those who will actually give up their physical life in order to save someone else.  We see that in drowning cases where a person jumps in to save someone else, but drowns themself.  We can look at our soldiers in the military, when they die on the battlefield, they are basically dying for us, our freedoms and way of life.

Applying this essential love to our everyday life I think requires that we think of laying down our life as putting others before ourselves.  The Lord loves a humble heart.  In putting someone else before us we do lay down our life.  John goes on to say that in verses 17 & 18 by saying, if you have the ability to help others but you don’t how can the love of God live in you?  So let’s not love in words only but put love to action.   Maybe you can’t help everyone, but you probably could help one. 

I saw a quote on Facebook recently that said, “Maybe one person can’t change the world, but if you help one person it will change their world.”

Go out and change one persons world today.


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