A Christian Journey

Evil And Vile Practices

“For wherever there is jealousy, envy, contention, rivalry and selfish ambition, there will also be confusion, unrest, disharmony, rebellion and all sorts of evil and vile practices.”  James 3:16

What a verse for today, the anniversary of the 9/11 attack.  This verse describes what’s wrong with our world today and the true basis for why the terrorists did it. 

In the fourth chapter of James he asks, what leads to this?  Then he answers his own question in verse 2.  “Your desires go unfulfilled, you are not able to obtain the gratification, contentment and happiness that you seek.”  He continues in verse 3, “then your intention is when you get what you desire you spend it in sensual pleasures, (those things that please the senses – sight, taste, hearing, smell, touch).”  In verse 4 he says, “these are worldly things, don’t you know that being the world’s friend is being God’s enemy?”  Now here’s the solution in verse 7, “So be subject to God, resist the devil, stand firm against him, and he will flee from you.”  Finally, verse 8 begins, “Come close to God and He will come close to you.”

Tired of the conflict, strife and discord you’re in?  Then seek God, you must make the first move, but when you do, He will rush to your side to help you.  Verse 10 says, “Humble yourselves, feeling very insignificant, in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you, He will lift you up and make your life significant.”


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